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This is the creative journal of frk_werewolf. Inside you will mostly find fanfiction featuring the following: Bandslash, Buffy/Angel, and Harry Potter. Expect an uprising of Bandslash and lessening of the other fandoms as my tastes are changing.

Please note that my postings will now be very, very small in number, but the occasional might show up. (updated 12/29/2009)
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All fandoms found within belong to their respective owners. All fic featuring a real person does not make the attempt to actually portray that person, but a representative character of them. They belong to themselves, duh. All plots, essays, original work, and other things that you don't recognize belong to me.
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Please following the following guidelines regarding any graphics:

1. Comment if taking.
2. Credit to frk_werewolf or lupa_libri.
3.Save to own server.

For resources used in my graphics, see here.

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