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The Sunnydale Files - A Buffyverse AU

Title: Sunnydale Files
Rating: varies G to R

Introduction: Welcome to Sunnydale, California. Home of Sunnydale High School. Home of the Bronze. Home of a rather large collection of British folk, for such a small town that is. Students will be students, teachers will be teachers. Life, just this side of ordinary. The only thing missing is the vampires and demons, which, sadly don't live here. Seeing how it's an AU. These are the Sunnydale Files, a non-stop storyline consisting of smaller segments. Times goes rather slowly here, but isn't that the way school always is? Much like in the American high school you remember there will be geeks, bad boys, popular girls who wouldn't give you the light of day (let alone date you), cute teachers, and of course a few gay people. Because you've got to have gay people. Just ask Xander Harris.

The Cast
arranged alphabetically. if there is a new character, they will be added.

Angel: Mysterious man in his early twenties that hangs out at the Bronze. Appears to be stalking Buffy. Xander doesn't care for him.

Larry Blaisdell: Captain of the football team. Torments William and slaps Buffy's butt on regular intervals. (thank you tangodoodles for the last name)

William Bradshaw: Is often seen with ink stains on his fingers and his journal never leaves his side. Is teased and pushed around by the popular crowd. Has a crush on Xander. Spike's twin brother. British.

"Spike" Bradshaw: Usually found skipping class and smoking in the school parking lot. Enjoys tormenting those around him. Can't stand Xander. William's twin brother. Friends with Oz. British.

Winifred "Fred" Burkle: Spends most of her time in the chemistry labs. Tends to babble about things people don't understand. Is possibly crushing on Cordelia.

Cordelia Chase: Rules the school. Rivals with Buffy. Never dates, unless it's to her advantage. Loves her cell phone more than anything. Captain of the cheerleading squad.

Faith: Tara's girlfriend. Complete opposite of Tara and doesn't care about other people's opinions.

Riley Finn: Owns the Sundance Club. Calls Xander 'kid' and appears to very much dislike Xander's father when he is brought into the conversation.

Rupert Giles: Librarian. Is forced to endure many hours of listening to teenagers. Believes the computer has a vendetta against him. Tries to avoid Ethan at all costs. Is Buffy and Willow's counselor. British.

Charles Gunn: Teaches Civics and World History. Second youngest on the staff, by two months. Most of the students think he's a former gang member. Seems to be stalking Wesley. Is the counselor for Cordelia, Xander, and Oz.

Xander Harris: Class-clown. Has abusive parents. Is openly gay everywhere except for at home. Is best friends with Buffy, Willow, and Jesse. Has a crush on Spike. Is possibly being stalked by William.

Harmony Kendall: Ditzy follower of Cordelia. Thinks Oz is in love with her.

Jonathon Levinson: Tends to stick to the background. Often teased by others. Cordelia's Minion.

Mr. Lorne: Art teacher. Dresses in bright green lounge suits. Wears a raspberry berat while painting. Calls everyone "sweetie" or "sugarplum", unless he likes you then you get your own pet name. Is Larry's counselor.

Tara Maclay: Social Service worker. Xander thinks she’s sexy and sweet, but just a little bit gay.

Jesse McNally: Another class-clown. Best friends with Xander, Buffy, and Willow. Has a crush on Cordelia.

Graham Miller: The bouncer at the Sundance Club. Appears to be Riley's lover.

Lilah Morgan: Math teacher. Appears to be even more cruel than Ethan. Likes to embarrass her students and send them to a place of inner panic. Snyder's only moment of intelligence appears to be in not giving her a student to be counselor for.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne: Member of a band. Hardly ever talks, and usually looks stoned. Suspiciously spends most of lunch in the back of his van. Is oddly intrigued by William's hands. Friends with Spike.

Ethan Rayne: Chemistry teacher. Enjoys giving students detention. He is the counselor for Spike and William. Follows Rupert around, flirting. British.

Willow Rosenberg: Computer geek. Tends to babble. Spends most of her time in the library. Admires Rupert. Has no romantic interests. Likes nearly everyone, except Cordelia.

Principal Snyder: The Principal of Sunnydale High. Has a vendetta against Joyce Summers. Considers students to be below weasels in the evolutionary chain.

Buffy Summers: Headstrong, with a habit of getting what she wants no matter the consequences. Hangs out in the library with Willow and annoys Rupert. Is being stalked by Angel, but appears to have better things to do than date.

Joyce Summers: Buffy's mother. Is very into helping out the school and head of the PTA.

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: English teacher. Is youngest member of the staff. Often stutters. Is forced to fend off the majority of the female students, while being stalked by Charles. Is the counselor for Harmony, Jonathon, and Jesse. British.

The Stories

Tags: cordy/fred, riley/graham, sdf, spander, spike/oz, wes/gunn

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