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SDF 107: The Case of Temptation

Segment: The Case of Temptation

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Notes: You know this was totally worth the wait. *nods* Trust me. *wicked grin*

Cordelia often considered herself to have a strong will, which couldn't be penetrated by anything. Well, naturally, Cordelia discovered she was wrong. Her currently activity proved this, in fact. She had insisted she would get over her little crush. She even went as far as going out on a date with Jesse McNally, of all people.

And, yet, here she was: Fred watching.

A few people were giving her strange looks. This was one of the few times that Cordelia wished she wasn't one of the popular kids. Of course, she probably did look a little strange huddle in the corner of the gym building, peering around at the outdoor tables, where Fred sat studying. She looked wonderful, the sun shining in her hair and face tilted just enough for Cordelia to get a glimpse of her neck.

Cordelia gulped, forcing her eyes away, turning to press her back against the brick wall.

Cordelia knew as well as any other girl how teenage boys only thought with their hormones. They were like rabid dogs, sniffing down one female after the other. Unless one was talking about Xander Harris, then they were discreetly sniffing around the biggest bad boy in the school. Still, the point being, Cordelia this was the case for guys. She never realized girls could feel the same way.

She suddenly pitied all the guys that got slapped for letting their hands wander, because Cordelia was literally fighting the urge to rush over to Fred and simply touch. It was nearly uncontrollable and Cordelia found herself walking around the corner before she even realized what she was doing. People practically jumped out of her way, probably mistaking the intense look on her face for anger instead of what it really was.

Lust. Desire. Need.

Cordelia stopped next to Fred's table, her hands fumbling until she clasped them together as Fred looked up from her book. The smile that erupted from Fred's lips was like a ray of sunshine, if Cordelia believed in romantic metaphors like that.

"Cordelia, hi!" Fred greeted. She paused; smile lessening slightly as she took in Cordelia's expression. "Is something wrong?"

"No," Cordelia finally replied. "I just...can we talk?"

Fred glanced around at the empty table and the groups of students that weren't even looking over. Fred raised an eyebrow when she turned back to Cordelia. "Sure."

Cordelia hovered over her, before reaching out and grabbing her hand. "Not here. Somewhere private."

Just like that, Cordelia took control like the Queen of Sunnydale she is. She dragged Fred into the school, barely acknowledging the fact that she made Fred leave her books outside. Fred doesn't protest. Her mouth is twisted into a worried, almost frightened, expression like she's afraid something is truly wrong with Cordelia and if she only knew the fact she would be able to fix everything.

This alone made butterflies erupt to life in Cordelia's stomach.

Cordelia ripped open the nearest janitor's closet and pulled Fred inside, shutting the door behind her. Darkness engulfed them and all she could hear is the occasional person walking past and Fred's heavy breathing. "Cordelia?"

"I--" Cordelia started, but she cut herself off, not liking the weak sound in her voice. Instead, she reached for Fred, her hand touching the curve of Fred's slim waist. She gripped the fabric of Fred's shirt and tugged, causing Fred to stumble forward until she is flush with Cordelia's body. Cordelia sucked in a gasp, electricity cascading through her and making everything seem more sensitive. Cordelia leaned forward, her lips barely grazing Fred's cheek. "If you don't want this, tell me now."

Fred didn't say anything, not exactly. Instead, she let out a soft whimper-like sound and her nose nuzzled against Cordelia's nose. It's the sexiest sensation Cordelia ever experienced, which is why she is suddenly spinning and pressing Fred against the door. Their bodies rub against one another and Fred's smaller form fits against her like a puzzle piece.

Their first kiss isn't what Cordelia expected. She had imagined, so many times, that it would be soft and sensual. Instead it's rough and demanding, like Fred isn't sure this will ever happen again, so she wants the feeling imprinting to her lips. Tongues duel and teeth bite. There is the subtle taste of blood and Cordelia will later discover it was from the corner of her mouth.

Shuddering from the feel of everything bombarding her at once, Cordelia pulled back and tried to breathe.

"This isn't a joke, is it?" Fred's soft, southern voice asked.

There is so much that was going to be ruined by this development, Cordelia knew that. She wasn't stupid. Yet, Cordelia wasn't the type to not take what she wanted. And she wanted Fred. There was no way she could not feel this body against hers again.

"No, it's not," Cordelia whispered, before pulling Fred in for another kiss.

End notes: Yes! FINALLY!!! Yeesh. It's about damn time these two got a clue.
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